CASP 2016 – Hope, Help, and Healing Conference

October 26th – 29th | Iqaluit, Nunavut

Visit our presentations page to view presentations from our 2016 conference

On behalf of Kamatsiaqtut and CASP, our sincere and heart-felt thanks to all who participated, presented and joined us in Iqaluit for the 2016 CASP “Hope, Help and Healing” conference.

As we now individually and collectively continue our work and efforts for a suicide reduced world, we hope this conference offered you opportunities to gather, listen, discuss, consider, learn, refresh, and re-engage in renewed or new actions towards suicide reduction.

This website now includes shared files from a variety of engaging presentations. It is hoped these documents assist you in continued reflection and action towards suicide reduction.

If not yet completed, you also received an e-mail requesting completion of an on-line survey to collect and compile your thoughts and suggestions. Please take the time to complete the survey in the next few days, if not yet done. This will greatly assist CASP for planning future conferences that best meet your needs and expectations. A final report will also be completed and posted that includes the results from this survey.

The theme of “Hope, Help and Healing” had specific objectives and goals. Sessions were solicited and selected based on the three themes. Appreciating that suicide was the topic, the conference’s overarching goal was to enable participants to explore solutions for embracing life by developing, supporting, sustaining and encouraging positive lifestyles; considering, developing and acquiring knowledge, skills and attitudes for better addressing suicide ideation; and networking with over 500 participants and presenters. A significant belief of the conference planning committee was conveying that we all have a role in suicide reduction and life promotion. While successful actions and approaches are sometimes attributed to, or necessary from an individual or group, no one individual, group or organization can, or should feel the burden to address suicide reduction in isolation. It remains a collective issue.

C.A.S.P. 2016 “Hope, Help and Healing” was a great opportunity for participants and presenters to explore, share and develop their knowledge, skills and attitudes towards the reduction of suicide. We greatly appreciated the opportunity of meeting with you all in Iqaluit.


Charlotte Borg and Sheila Levy

Co-Chairs of CASP2016 – Hope, Help and Healing